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Deciding where and how to raise money.

23 aug 2021

My partner and I have self-funded our business so far. We want to raise capital from angel and venture capital investors like my brother has for his business. What are next steps?

Onboarding Employees and Consultants

12 aug 2021

We plan to hire marketing consultants and tech developers who reside in different states. These are going to be short-term projects. Do we need a contract?

How many shares should I set aside for future issuances?

18 mrt 2021

How many shares should I set aside for future issuances to employees, consultants or advisors? And when should I put in place a stock option plan?

Why You Should Consult a Trademark Attorney

15 mrt 2021

The name of my startup is really important to me. I chose it because it is modern. It reflects the online, real-time experience that I want to build – and for every generation to feel welcome on it.

Starting Points For A New Business: Money & Finance

22 feb 2021

A client came to Los Angeles to start a new life and a new business. She was a momentrepreneur, with a mission to help others navigate through divorce and thrive.